Last time.

Every chance I get to see you and I might take I’m gonna treat it like the last. I honestly don’t know if that one had past but If I were with you another night I sure we act like it’s my last. I’ll be my best. I’ll be on my best behavior as your lol Budhz and your baddest in bed;) so the memory you hold me last won’t be so spolied.


I’m not sure if I really am losing that feeling for you or I’m just pretending I am

You’re so frustrating.

You’d rather push me away and annoy me rather than be a man and tell me straight up. I honestly ask for the simplest things and all I get is complicated answers. Stop giving me hope and tearing it down. I don’t care if it makes you feel better or builds up your ego. It’s hurting me. But that doesn’t really matter, huh?


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